October 3, 2018


Summing up the historic experience since 1918th until now, and estimating that Vojvodina pays a high price of the nine decades of joint life with Serbia and its constitutional and real position, manifested in restrained development, economic exploitation, discrimination and neglect of Vojvodina, in low quality of state government and high level of corruption, decline in good relations between nationalities, annulment of undisputable political subjectivity and European identity of Vojvodina, erosion of inherited cultural values and material achievements, devastation of large systems like railways, river and canal systems, local governments… and visible general decline,


Considering that this price is unacceptable not only from the point of interest, but also from the point of dignity of citizens and many nationalities of the multinational Vojvodina, having in mind that regimes were changed and discrimination and exploiting remained, so that after the downfall of all three Yugoslavias and the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, still in the Republic of Serbia they continue,


Never forgetting that our experience has shown us that there was least lagging and most progress at the time when Vojvodina had the most of the constitutional right to govern by herself, that Serbia has taken away these rights in 1988. by force, illegally and without any intention of giving them back,


Convinced that it is the natural, democratic, inconsumable and inalienable right of the citizens and nations in Vojvodina to protect their interests and dignity, so that on this geographic, historical, nationally and economically specific and rounded area can govern themselves and decide on their own faith, as it is in accordance to permanent civilization values as well as modern democratic ways and culture,


Believing in the mutual connections of Vojvodina and Serbia, but also that forced unity and domination of Serbia over Vojvodina has only produced a drastic economic fall of Vojvodina, which was once one of the most developed parts of Yugoslavia, brought down to be an internal colony, lost its position within the Republic of Serbia, as its most developed part, and it is absolutely unacceptable and degrading for Vojvodina, and in the long run damaging for Serbia as well, as any inequality is a seed of permanent instability,


Not giving up our goal to renew Vojvodina in its economic and civil status and take it back to its European heritage, we condemn the obstructions of Serbia joining the EU, in which Vojvodina was meant to be a long time ago, suffering great damages as a result of it,


Confident that the status of autonomy of Vojvodina is devalued and consumed, that the forced Constitution Act of 2006., which was never voted for in Vojvodina, has proved to be a great fraud in its practice; Vojvodina has been paid only around 36% of the amount which was guaranteed by the Constitution during the past five years, and the act on financing competences, without which there is no autonomy, has not been brought for years….,


Convinced that the existing relations must be changed from its roots and that federalism can be a democratic solution, as a guarantee of the political rights of Vojvodina, as well as the way of joint decision making with Serbia in a fair and efficientcommon state,


We advocate the achievement of new historic agreement between Serbia and Vojvodina in accordance with the Declaration on the foundations and principles of democratic unification of Vojvodina and Serbia into Federal Republic of Serbia, constituted of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Vojvodina, whichDeclaaration was adopted by the Fourth Vojvodina Convention, since the joint future on new fondations can be secured only if it is based on equality of Serbia and Vojvodina and on the principles of federalism and republicanism.


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